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Sandrine Quétier, Denis Brogniart et Claire Chazal réunis pour u

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Ainsi,jordan pas cher, la sympathique Sandrine Quétier et son acolyte Nikos Aliagas,air jordan, Denis Brogniart,hogan, l'animateur-aventurier ou encore les reines de l'information,louboutin, Claire Chazal et Laurence Ferrari nous souhaitent, tous en coeur,louboutin pas cher, de bonnes fêtes !

Mais ce n'est pas le seul élan de générosité que les animateurs de la chaîne réservent aux téléspectateurs puisqu'ils seront tous présents pour En route vers 2012, la grande soirée de TF1 le 31 décembre,maillot de foot pas cher, présentée par Arthur ,air jordan!
Le déjanté Vincent Lagaf',doudoune moncler, Carole Rousseau, Jean-Luc Reichmann ou encore le très drôle Vincent Cerutti sont aussi de la partie ,outlet hogan!
Ils sont suivis par Benjamin Castaldi, qui reviendra à la rentrée avec La Roue de la Fortune délaissée par Christophe Dechavanne,louboutin pas cher, Jean-Pierre Foucault ainsi que la sympathique Miss Météo,doudoune moncler pas cher, Evelyne Dhéliat !
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Ji'nan Municipal Committee of CPC on formulating the 12th five-y

Source: Ji, 2010-12-31 08:11 said to me ( 0) copy link key words :Ji during the Twelfth Five-Year Plan the Twelfth Five Year Plan ,it is society of overall construction well-off crucial period, is to deepen reform ,accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development in the period of assault fortified positions .
In order to carry out a party deep 5 in plenary meeting and seventeen provincial Party committee the nine spirit of the eleven plenary meeting ,Ji ,scientific development of Ji twelfth five year plan ,grab further seize opportunity ,development innovation ,speed up the scientific development ,construction of good Ji ,realize capital modernization new span ,put forward the following suggestion .
One ,thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development ,and strive to create a new situation of scientific development of the provincial capital of &ldquo year ;&rdquo ;time ,is the comprehensive construction well-off society crucial period ,it is to deepen reform and opening up ,speed up the transformation of economic development in the period of assault fortified positions .
Make full &ldquo ;&rdquo ;planning ,must be in accordance with the central and provincial Party committee asks ,in comprehensive summary of eleven &ldquo ;five &rdquo ;period of development based on the new situation ,grasping ,define new requirements ,carefully plan the development train of thought ,scientific identified development goals ,efforts to promote sound and rapid economic and social development of the city .
1 eleven five ,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;period of our economic and social development has made great achievements .Eleven &ldquo ;five &rdquo ;period ,is the development of Ji history is unusual, extraordinary five years .
In the face of the international financial crisis ordeal and preparing for the eleven national games of the major task ,we adhere to the Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Represents &ldquo ;&rdquo ;important thought as the guidance ,thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development ,in accordance with the &ldquo ;maintenance of stable development of provincial capital ,provincial capital economic ,construction beautiful Springs &rdquo ;overall train of thought, emancipatory thought ,promotion state, tackling difficult to break ,forge ahead ,the socialist economy ,politics ,culture ,society and ecological civilization and the construction of the party made significant progress ,the successful completion of the eleven &ldquo ;five &rdquo ;planning to determine the main objectives and tasks .
The city sustained and rapid economic growth ,air jordan pas cher,comprehensive economic strength increased substantially ,GDP ,fiscal revenue ,total fixed asset investment are at least double ;the rapid transformation of economic development pattern ,the construction of innovative city is advanced steadily, the leading industrial clusters supporting role significantly enhanced ,energy saving and emission reduction target is expected to finish in the round ;the eastern New District ,Western District New District Planning and construction ,the Xiaoqing River and the old city to transform and upgrade started in the round ,build a batch of hub ,functional sex, network infrastructure ,city function image improved significantly; the opening and reform to stride new step of development ,and constantly enhance the vitality ,open to further enhance the level of the construction of new countryside ;solid advance urban and rural development ,regional coordination ;all-round development of various social undertakings ,harmonious and stable overall situation continuously consolidate ;of urban and rural dweller income grows continuously ,people life is improved ceaselessly ;successfully hosted the Eleventh National Games and the seventh session of the international fair park .
I eleven five ,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;economic and social development of the successful practice ,&ldquo &rdquo ;plan ;and the future development of accumulated rich experience ,has laid a good foundation .
During 2 ,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;period of economic and social development under the new situation .During the 12th Five-Year Plan period ,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;is progress of our city economy transformation and upgrading ,promoting city construction spans ,all-round social breakthrough in key period ,is facing a rare historical opportunity ,also face a lot of predictable and unpredictable risks and challenges .
Comprehensive assessment of international and domestic situation ,we still can make strategic opportunity period .Domestic and foreign development ,reform ,adjust the new situation of our city development raised new requirement ,accelerate the construction of provincial Party Committee on capital development ,enhance Ji center position expressed new hope ,whole town people to live a better life is full of new hope .
Facing the future ,we have the Party Central Committee ,the State Council and provincial Party committee ,the provincial government have since reforming and opening especially in recent five years of accumulated relatively solid material foundation and rich experience ,there are various cadre entrepreneurship initiative ,has the broad masses of the people trust and support ,has the condition to promote social and economic development to a new level .
As long as the unity ,struggle ,grab seize new opportunity ,gain innovation advantage ,will certainly be able to create the new situation of the development of capital construction .At the same time ,we must soberly see ,our economic and social development there are still some deep-seated contradictions and problems ,mainly ,comprehensive economic strength is not strong ,development quality and efficiency is not high ;economic structural contradictions are still outstanding ,urban and rural regional development is not coordinated ;resources and environment restricts aggravate ,energy-saving emission reduction and ecological environment construction faces more tests ;social construction tasks are arduous ,public service level should be improved; leading cadres at all levels to control the capacity of scientific development should be enhanced ,further enhance the ideological realm .
Facing the new situation and tasks ,we must firmly grasp the development of top priority, cogent enhance good luck consciousness and hardship consciousness ,liberate a thought further ,promotion state, scientific grasp the law of development ,actively adapt to changes of environment ,effectively solve various problems ,to turn challenges into opportunities ,maillot de foot pas cher,turn pressure into motivation ,more be enthusiastic and press on to advance capital modernization .
3 ,make full &ldquo ;&rdquo ;the guiding ideology and principles .Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics ,with Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Represents &ldquo ;&rdquo ;important thought as the guidance ,thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development ,to the scientific development as the theme ,in order to accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development as the main line ,in accordance with the &ldquo ;expanding the space of city development ,build a modern industrial system &rdquo ;overall train of thought, energetically implementation of the new city ,new industrialization ,innovation ,enrich the people the strategy drive ,optimize economic structure ,strengthening social construction ,promote a city grade, protect the ecological environment ,to deepen reform and opening up ,promote long-term stable and rapid economic development and social harmony and stability ,and strive to build the strength of Ji ,the charm of Ji ,living in Ji ,the comprehensive construction of high level well-off society ,basic and the Shandong economic and cultural province to adapt to the modernization of the capital city .
To adhere to the following basic principles :&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;adhere to take the lead in development .To maintain steady and relatively fast economic growth as the transformation of the mode of economic development is the primary goal, correct processing of transfer mode and promote the development of the relationship ,while maintaining reasonable development speed at the same time ,take the lead in the transformation of development mode ,perfect system mechanism ,break through the bottleneck of resources ,constructing the harmonious society and the breakthrough in the regional development ,efforts to develop demonstrative belt to move effect of .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;adhere to the development transformation .The strategic adjustment of the economic structure as to speed up the transformation of economic development mode of the main direction of expanding domestic demand ,building long-term mechanism ,optimizing demand structure ,speed up the formation of consumption ,investment ,export economy increase new pattern ;to promote the three industry benign interaction ,integration and development ,promote economic growth to rely on the first ,second ,the tertiary industry collaboration to drive change ;insist to plan as a whole development ,accelerating the building of new socialist countryside ,promote urban and rural ,regional coordinated development .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;adhere to innovation drive .The scientific and technological progress and innovation as the transformation of the mode of economic development is important prop up ,in-depth implementation of the city through science and education and the strategy of talent strong city, improve the modernization level of education ,enhance the ability of independent innovation, the construction of regional talent ,promote economic and social development to rely on progress of science and technology ,improvement of workers and management innovation, accelerate the construction of the national innovative city .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;insist to enrich the people the huimin .To guarantee and improve the people as accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development is the fundamental starting point and ultimate goal ,guarantee and improve the people system arrangement ,accelerate the development of social undertakings ,exert oneself to expand public services ,promoting social justice ,promoting the equalization of basic public services ,make the development benefit of all people ,implementation enrichs the people and the organic unity of strong city .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;adhere to green development .The construction of resource saving and environment friendly society as the transformation of the mode of economic development an important focal point .
Based on the bearing capacity of resources and environment and development ,strengthen the social awareness of energy saving and environmental protection ,the development of circular economy ,promote low-carbon technology, promoting green growth ,accelerate the construction of ecological city ,promote economic and social development and population resources environment ,strengthen the ability of sustainable development .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;persist in reform and opening up .Deepen reform and expand open as to accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development power ,promoting the reform of key areas and key links ,accelerate the construction of full of vigor ,highly efficient ,more open and conducive to scientific development ,institutional mechanisms ;implementing the open strategy of mutual benefit ,actively participate in international division of labor and domestic regional cooperation ,in order to open hurried reform ,to promote development .
During 4 ,&ldquo ;&rdquo ;that period economy society develops main goal .Considering the future development trend and the conditions of various aspects ,henceforth five years of economic and social development is the main target of :&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;comprehensive strength increases apparently .
On optimizing structure ,improving efficiency ,reducing consumption ,protect environment foundation, to maintain stable and rapid economic development ,local finance income grows quickly, per capita economic indicators improved significantly .
&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;constantly optimize the economic structure .Residents consumption rate rises steadily ,open model economy to achieve a breakthrough .The proportion of service industry has larger proportion of three industries ,more harmonious .
Civilian battalion economy to accelerate development ,proportion of economy of blame state ownership increase year by year .&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;innovative city basically completed .Independent innovation ability increases significantly ,the contribution ratio of science and technology rises apparently, enter the national innovative city advanced ranks .
System innovation and breakthrough, the socialist market economy will be improved .&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;city function image enhance .New development ,the urban upgrading comprehensive breakthrough ,modern infrastructure system is formed basically, spring city characteristic further highlight the city function ,to further enhance the image quality .
The integration of urban and rural areas to accelerate the pace of development ,city changes rate rise steadily .&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;a beautiful ecological environment livable .Unit of GDP energy consumption and sulfur dioxide ,chemical oxygen demand and other major pollutants decline further ,the basic formation of saving energy resources and protecting ecological environment of the industrial structure ,growth ,consumption patterns .
Human settlement environment is improved apparently, build national forest city .&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;development of society more harmonious .The income of urban and rural residents generally increases more quickly ,people life is more rich .
The basic realization of all the people enjoy social security ,education ,health ,culture ,sports and other public service system more perfect .Citizens ,the degree of social civilization ,people happiness index markedly improved .
Two ,the implementation of the new city to change the strategy, promote urban and rural and regional coordinated development the new city as the capital of scientific development promote ,across the powerful motive force of development ,adhere to a high starting point planning ,high standard construction ,high-performance management ,become bigger and stronger focus on central city ,accelerate rural and urban integration development, promote economic development and population ,resources ,the environment ,try to walk out of an intensive development ,coordinated development ,group development and with the characteristics of Ji new city road .
5 ,expanding the space of city development .Adhere to the development of new developed area and the urban upgrading synchronization ,extension and connotation upgrade simultaneously, improving the old city, accelerate construction western district ,Eastern District ,the New District Three District ,building city three area &ldquo ;&rdquo ;center city development pattern ,to achieve and regional core city to match the city scale .
The old city, attaches great importance to the style of the ancient city protection and spring city characteristic upgrading ,transformation ,promotion of Ji financial business centre and other key regional planning and construction ,and carefully create a distinctive feature ,function perfect ,service economy developed the modern city center .
Western District ,relying on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail hub ,University Science and Technology Park ,Ji and ecological advantages ,focus on the development of high-end business finance ,commercial exhibition ,cultural creativity ,mechanical equipment and tourism leisure industry ,a high starting point ,high standard of development and construction of key area ,build new portal ,Qilu fontal city new commercial port ,the new center of the city .
The East New District ,air jordan,to the high-tech industries ,advanced manufacturing ,strategic emerging industries and modern service industry as the leading ,carefully planning each key area, creating a high technology innovation center ,highlands of modern industry and modern new the city zone .
New ,combined with the small river comprehensive management project ,do well the key area of the the overall planning and construction, strive to build the Xiaoqing River ecological development axis ,to build a new City Development Zone ,landscape tourism ,leisure life belt .
Increase the north to cross the strategy to carry out strength ,promote urban infrastructure across the the Yellow River extension ,accelerate the planning and construction of new industrial areas .
Promoting the construction of city complex development ,according to the functional composite ,intensive space ,advanced facilities ,fine ecology principle, promote the city complex and city life is organic and unified ,in order to promote the city function ,optimization of spatial form ,economy of the city zone of prosperity to provide powerful carrier .
6 ,enhance the comprehensive functions of the city .Accelerate the construction of perfect function ,coordination ,efficient and reliable modern infrastructure system .Perfect transportation network, accelerate Ji inter-city railway ,passenger dedicated railway construction stone relief ,advance economic commercial high-speed ,blue high speed highway project construction ,implementation country ,provincial highway construction to upgrade ,to the Ji International Airport expansion project ;perfect in the center of city road network structure ,accelerate the construction of city rapid rail transit planning ,the priority development of public transport, actively promote green travel ,improve city traffic comprehensive management level ,effectively alleviate the traffic pressure of city ,promote public transit circuit to the outer suburbs county extension .
Strengthening the construction of municipal and public facilities ,to vigorously promote the city power supply ,water supply ,gas supply ,heating capacity ,improve public facilities service coverage and centralized supply rate .
Perfect city security system ,perfect the city drainage and flood control system ,high standard construction and renovation of fire ,earthquake ,weather ,air defense facilities ,strengthen the intensive use of underground space ,created by the disaster monitoring early warning system ,disaster relief command system ,mitigation actions system composed of comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction system .
Correct processing development and protection ,the relationship between inheritance and innovation, outstanding &ldquo ;&rdquo ,&ldquo ;city ;historical and cultural city of &rdquo ;two cards ,and actively promote the inscription &ldquo ;&rdquo ;,strict protection of historical and cultural relics ,strengthen the protection and comprehensive utilization, strive to build &ldquo ;mountain ,spring ,lake ,river ,city &rdquo ;organic fusion of landscape garden city and characteristic charm city .
Strengthen the city landscape construction and comprehensive regulation of the environment ,enhance the city image ,to create a clean ,beautiful ,harmonious living environment .Innovation city management means ,perfect management mechanism ,tamp the foundation of city community management ,enhance the management level .
7 ,promote urban and rural prosperity .Adhere to the industry to promote farming ,take native place with the city ,urban and rural overall principle, accelerate prefectural region industrialization ,city is changed and agriculture modernization in rural areas ,efforts to promote the common prosperity of urban and rural areas .
Optimizing urban development pattern ,to construct the city center as the core ,from the center of the city center city &mdash ;&mdash ;Center for the town of &mdash ;general town consists of complementary functions ,rational layout of the urban system .
Vigorously promote Zhangqiu ,Jiyang ,Pingyin ,Shanghe second city center construction ,scientific planning and function layout ,do a good job with the center city docking ,promoting the regional agglomeration ,drive prefectural region economy to accelerate development .
The promotion of small town accelerates development ,foster the development of a number of distinctive industrial town ,business center ,tourism town ,support the conditions of the town center to speed up the development of small city .
Carrying out prefectural region industry breakthrough project ,encourage economic strong county ( city) area to promote the quality and efficiency of development ,support the outer suburbs county accelerate development ,strive to foster a number of characteristics of industry cluster advantages ,enhance actual strength of prefectural region economy .
Adhere to the ,city to support a country and more for less relaxing policy ,promoting public finance to tilt to the country ,infrastructure to the country outspread ,public service to rural radiate ,promote construction of new rural area to achieve new breakthrough .
Increase in the underdeveloped regions of the support, to continue to support the Shanghe county accelerates development .Add with the farmer close ,rural people ,infrastructure ,science and technology ,the southern mountain ecological protection and development ,focusing on urban and rural housing construction ,environmental improvement and rural civilization to focus on balancing urban and rural development ,the implementation of the project ,to further improve production and living conditions in rural areas .
Vigorously promoting the construction of rural community ,improve the rural public service system ,the implementation of a number of Huimin practical projects ,promote urban and rural basic public service equalization .
8 ,strengthen the southern ecological function protection and construction .Correctly handle the relationship between protection and development ,adhere to develop in protection ,protected in the process of development ,accelerate the construction of a good ecological environment ,green industry is flourishing, people living in Ankang ecological function district and has rich cultural connotation ,the unique landscape of scenic area .
Accelerate the ecological environmental protection and treatment ,strengthen the greening of barren hills ,water conservation ,climate regulation ,ecological leisure ,regional development and ecological protection function ,strengthen the construction of sewage treatment facilities and small watershed management ,carry out retreat return n cultivated land forest ,strive to build capital important ecological barrier .
To develop ecological agriculture and ecological tourism ,build zoology industry system ,the establishment of ecological compensation mechanism ,drive south is a mountainous area economic development .
Perfect in southern mountainous areas of protection and development planning ,the reasonable definition of prohibition Development Zone ,limited development area and suitable development area ,in strict accordance with the implementation of planning ,promoting the development of protection .
Subtitle 9 ,promote the capital city group economic circle development .According to the provincial Party committee ,the provincial government ,exert oneself to do do greatly strong provincial capital city scale and comprehensive service function ,improve Ji gathered radiation to drive ability ,take the initiative to strengthen with the surrounding city fusion butt ,actively promote the inter-city rail traffic construction ,strengthening the regional traffic ,information and communications ,tourism development ,watershed management ,resource utilization ,industrial cooperation ,doudoune moncler pas cher,coordination and cooperation, join forces builds closely ,complementary advantages ,integrated development of provincial capital city group economic circle .
Three ,adjust and optimize industrial structure ,build modern industry system based on the capital characteristics and resource endowment ,to end with high quality and efficiency as the main direction of attack ,exert oneself to do outstanding production, stronger ,bigger and three stage production, efforts to form a service economy main body drives ,high-tech industry and the first industry ,strong support for hexadecimal modern agricultural development and modern industrial system .
10 ,create the first economy service industry .Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of capital ,and actively promote the service industry comprehensive reform pilot ,the breakthrough of obstacles in system ,optimize development environment ,strengthen the construction of carrier ,to promote productive service industry cluster development ,life services facilitation development ,accelerate the construction of financial services ,information services ,cultural tourism ,trade and logistics ,business exhibition of five regional service center ,the service industry to create the become the city first economic ,take the lead in the formation of an industrial structure dominated by service sector .
Accelerating the regional financial center construction ,improving the financial system ,financial service innovation ,optimizing the financial ecological environment ,speed up the Ji district business center ,high-tech enterprises listed demonstration area ,Zhangqiu City,air jordan, the rural financial reform in experimentation area and West Railway Station area financial back-office service areas, financial function districts ,promoting financial industrial agglomeration ,forming a regional capital market heights .
The development of the information service industry ,strengthen information infrastructure construction ,accelerate the convergence, improve the overall level of software industry ,the positive development of software outsourcing services ,digital content ,value-added network and information technology services industry ,built &ldquo ;digital Quancheng ,& ldquo ;&rdquo ;&rdquo Chinese software and service outsourcing base city .
Active integration advantages of cultural tourism resources ,outstanding springs tourism characteristics ,physical shape &ldquo world springs ;&rdquo ;theme tourism brand ,to create 5A &ldquo &rdquo the best in all the land ;spring ;scenic area ,accelerate the construction of hot spring of Shanghe service industry base ,strengthen the tourism infrastructure and cultural tourism environment system construction ,accelerate the development of a number of high-grade culture ,influence large tourist complex ,key projects and fine lines ,maillot de foot,improve the tourism industry system ,the construction of the regional best tourist destination and hub .
Transform and promote the traditional retail trade ,vigorously develop the new format, optimize the commercial facilities layout, improve trade circulation industry development level ;accelerate the key logistics park and logistics center planning and construction ,implantation ,the fourth party logistics and the third party logistics enterprises to improve logistics group ,industry specialization ,informatization level .
To specialization ,socialization and market as the direction ,vigorously develop various kinds of business services industry and the regional characteristics of convention and exhibition industry ,planning and construction of large business services concentrated area and Exhibition infrastructure ,louboutin pas cher,build important headquarters economy agglomeration and city exhibition center .
To increase affordable housing construction, order of normative estate market ,optimize the structure of housing supply ,to promote the healthy development of real estate .11 ,promote industrial core competition ability .
Foster strategic emerging industries .Increase policy support and capital investment, strengthen program guiding ,constraining the development of the industry to break through the key technology for the main direction of attack ,relying on the national information and communication of International Innovation Park ,software park ,national comprehensive technology of new drug research and development platform carrier ,accelerate the development of a new generation of information ,new energy and energy saving and environmental protection ,new medical and biological and equipment manufacturing and other emerging industries of strategic importance .
Do make industry of strong dominant position .In accordance with the &ldquo ;the construction of major projects ,expand core business ,build the industrial chain ,to cultivate industrial group &rdquo ;train of thought ,development of the auto ,electronic information ,machinery and equipment manufacturing industry ,and strong R & D design and downstream upstream assembly ,brand services such as high-end links across the region ,outspread industry chain ,formed a batch of 100 billion level leading industry and large enterprise groups ,to create a national base of advanced manufacturing industry .
The transformation and upgrading of traditional industry .Accelerate new and high technology and advanced and applicable technical reformation to promote metallurgy ,petrochemical ,food ,textile ,light industry ,louboutin,building materials and other traditional industry ,promote the design and development of informatization, digitalization of production equipment ,production process and intelligent network management ,optimize the structure ,enhance the level of .
Actively promote the CSI housing ,accelerate the process of housing industrialization .Continue to cite the strength of whole town support of high-tech zones across the development ,and strive to build high-tech industry highland ,modern new the city zone and the world service outsourcing base .
Strengthen above the provincial level development zones in vector function ,and speed up the formation of a number of distinctive industrial cluster district ,actively supporting the provincial key developing zone and striving for national development zone .
12 ,energetically develop modern city agriculture .To serve the city ,rural prosperity ,improve agriculture and the rich farmer as the goal ,to develop high yield ,high quality ,efficient ,zoology ,safe agriculture ,construction of city ,outskirts of a city modern agriculture industry system .
Strengthen the protection of basic farmland area and farmland water conservancy facilities construction ,improve agricultural production conditions ,to ensure food safety .In-depth implementation of vegetables ,livestock ,fruit flower and seedling of four industrial revitalization plan ,the positive development of excellent fishing, ensure capital basket &ldquo ;&rdquo ;safety and supply ,and actively cultivate ecological sightseeing ,experience of participation type ,special type ,high-tech facilities and the development pattern of modern agriculture .
Perfect agriculture socialization serves a system, support farmer professional cooperation and professional association development ,cultivate a batch of strong driving force of large bibcock enterprise ,form a batch of famous agricultural product brand ,promote agricultural production specialization ,standardization ,scale and intensive .
Improvement of modern agricultural development to support a system, advance innovation of agricultural science and technology ,strengthen agricultural informatization construction ,vigorously develop agricultural mechanization and agricultural facilities .
Continue to catch good agriculture to be developed integratedly ,increase the development of poverty alleviation .Four ,enhance own innovation ability ,construction of national innovative city adhere to the perfect innovation system ,innovation resources ,gathered outstanding efficiency benefits ,focusing on leadership guidelines ,strive to enhance the capability of independent innovation ,build innovation friendly environment ,realize the innovation drives the development ,to 2015 to enter the national innovative city advanced ranks .
13 ,perfect the regional innovation system .Give full play to the capital of innovation resource advantage ,promote innovation agglomeration, speed up the formation of knowledge innovation ,technology innovation ,service innovation and promote each other ,the distinctive characteristics of the capital regional innovation system .
Perfect give priority to body with the enterprise ,closely combined with technical innovation alliance ,to maximize the mobilization of the enthusiasm ,the formation of complementary advantages ,mutual benefit and win-win ,open and flexible technology innovation system ,accelerate the scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces .
Constructing open flow and collaborative knowledge innovation system ,strengthen the high level university ,research organization construction ,actively attract domestic and foreign well-known research institutions in the city to establish a branch ,guide college ,scientific research institutions to the our city advantage industry to carry out the key and common technology research ,application basic research and high technology research ,improve the innovation ability of knowledge .
Strengthen the construction of service system for innovation ,accelerate the formation of advanced science and technology intermediary service network system ,business incubator network and technology resource sharing platform .
14 ,build own innovation highlands .Strengthen key areas of science and technology .To encourage scientific research units ,key enterprises to actively assume national ,provincial key technology project, important plans and projects ,around the strategic emerging industry ,advantage dominant industry and the city economic and social development of the areas of focus ,the organization implements a batch of major science and technology programs, strive to break through a batch of enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises of great technology ,key technology ,common technology ,access to a number of independent intellectual property rights of scientific and technological achievements and high-tech products .
To accelerate national comprehensive high technology industrial base construction .Advance Shandong Information Communication Research Institute ,high performance computing center and other major source of innovation platform construction, support enterprise technology platform construction ,raise primitive innovation ,compositive innovation and introduce digest absorb innovate again ability ,the construction of the regional science and technology innovation center ,built at home and abroad with strong strength of high technology industrial base .
To further optimize the environment of innovation of science and technology .Actively promote the creation of national innovation city builds pilot job ,establish scientific and reasonable evaluation system, perfect the work to create the leadership system and working mechanism .
Perfection of government investment in science and technology growth mechanism ,and actively guide social capital investment, increase year by year the whole society investment accounted for the proportion of gdp .
The implementation of standards ,brand ,patent ,trademark strategy ,accelerate national brand strategy implementation of demonstration city construction ,establish and improve the incentive mechanism and protection of intellectual property ,intellectual property in the construction of strong city .
15 ,bring up qualified personnel .Adhere to the talent resource as the first resource, implement the strategy of talent strong city, earnestly implement the city long-term talent development plan ,to further increase the personnel training ,the introduction and use of strength, optimize the allocation of talent resources ,the formation of a grand scale ,reasonable structure ,quality excellent talent team ,accelerate the construction of regional talent highland .
On economic and social development in key areas ,organize the implementation of &ldquo ;5150 Talents Project &rdquo ;and &ldquo ;millions of people at home and abroad to introduce engineering &rdquo ;,there are plans to introduce a number of industry development has a significant role ,can bring great economic benefit and social benefit of high level talents .
Adhere to the training and the introduction of both ,employment and entrepreneurship and talent policy ,promote the overall development of the party and government, enterprise management ,professional and technical skills ,high ,rural practical ,social work talents team construction .
To establish the open ,equal ,competition ,preferred orientation ,is helpful for outstanding talent ,talent showing itself in order to give full play to employment mechanism ,utmost ground arouses various talent innovation and entrepreneurial potential .
Five ,promote city cultural soft strength ,accelerate strong cultural city construction around the development of advanced culture ,enhance the cultural soft strength ,to host the tenth session of the China Art Festival and the twenty-second International Congress of history of science for chance ,accelerate the implementation of the cultural strategy of strong city ,vigorously develop cultural undertakings and cultural industries ,and continuously meet the people spirit cultural needs .
16 ,build the spring city characteristic culture brand .To reform and innovative spirit of the times,louboutin pas cher, fully tap the springs abundant cultural resources ,highlighting the distinct regional characteristics and personality ,promote the development and prosperity of culture ,and strive to cultural resources advantage into the modernization of the city advantage ,constantly enhance the provincial capital city of cohesion ,creativity and appeal .
Exert oneself to do well the Tenth China Art Festival major infrastructure construction planning and management work, efforts to host a high level ,characteristics of the Chinese art festival .
Continue to carefully build spring city characteristic sign District ,to further increase the four springs ,three spots ,Millennium City integration system and protection of promotion ,make its become Ji is famous in China and foreign countries ,so the unique culture mark .
Cogent spring culture resources as the strategic resources protection ,development and utilization ,integration of drama ,traditional handicraft ,regional folk culture of spring resources ,cultivation ,expanding the number of spring culture brand .
Do well the history cultural heritage census ,rescue and protection, construction of city brand culture ,explore the cultural relics ,historical figures ,architectural features ,human resources ,the development of Shanghe GuZi yangko dance and other traditional art brand ,build a batch of ancient cultural tourist attractions .
Adapt to the wishes of the people ,the new requirements ,to focus on performing arts and cultural brand ,to create a number of boutique performing repertoire ,popular folk art brand ,jordan pas cher,quality television productions .
In the implementation of major projects of cultural industries driven fluctuation time ,exert oneself innovation festival of culture brand ,continue to run the Shandong Province Culture Industry Expo ,Ji international humor Art Week Festival Exhibition activities .
Strengthen the propaganda and cultural exchanges ,enhance the fontal city culture brand international competitiveness and influence .17 ,improve the quality of civilization .The strengthening of regional traditional culture and cultural spirit education ,fully mobilize the broad masses of the people involved in the cultural construction of the initiative ,christian louboutin pas cher,stimulate the cultural creativity of whole society .
Promoting the modern education of citizen quality and the construction of socialist core value system ,actively promote the patriotic and law-abiding integrity and professionalism ,inheritance of Chinese traditional virtues ,with the construction of socialist spiritual civilization ,socialist market economy, moral and behavioral norms .
To promote &ldquo ;integrity ,innovation ,harmonious &rdquo ;Ji city spirit ,and constantly improve the public capital top philanthropist consciousness and international perspective .To further promote the social morals ,occupation ethics ,family virtues and individual morality, actively expand the masses to build spiritual civilization activity ,promote moral self-discipline ,aged respected ,diligent work, down-to-earth person, guide people to know honour or disgrace ,uprightness ,obligations ,to form the Fu Zhengqu evil ,evil society .
Strengthening humanistic care ,psychological care ,purify the social environment ,to protect the physical and mental health of adolescents .18 ,promote the culture of innovation .Deepen the reform of the cultural system ,dish vivid state-owned cultural assets ,encourage social capital into the cultural industry ,enhance the vitality of cultural development .
Culture innovation in content and form,outlet hogan, carrying forward the theme ,promote the diversification, different levels to meet the social needs .Vigorously implement the &ldquo ;cultural quality engineering &rdquo ;,introduced a number of first-class excellent cultural works of art .
Advancing the discipline system of academic viewpoints, research methods ,innovation ,prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences .To strengthen public education ,advocate scientific spirit ,the whole society to enhance the innovation consciousness and innovation concept .
To further improve the system of public cultural services ,improve the quality of public cultural service .Constantly improve the grass-roots cultural service facilities ,promote the cultural information resources sharing project primary station standardization construction .
The expansion of public cultural facilities open to the public for free range ,and effectively improve the efficiency of resources utilization of public culture .Implement and perfect economic policy ,increase the cultural facilities public finance to support strength ,relax the cultural market access conditions, formed a diversified financing pattern .
To carry out extensive mass cultural activities ,strengthening basic level cultural construction .Strengthening the construction of important news media ,Internet and other new media attention to construction ,use ,management ,grasps the correct guidance of public opinion ,improve communication capacity .
Accelerate the development of sports industry, strengthen the whole transport facilities maintenance and management ,continue to promote the comprehensive sports facilities, vigorously carry out the national fitness campaign, steadily raise the level of competitive sports .
19 ,the development of cultural industry .Adhere to economic and social benefits ,to promote the traditional cultural industry development level ,to develop new type of cultural operation ,promoting industrial upgrading ,promote the cultural industry has become a pillar industry .
Use of modern media ,publishing ,cultural performing arts ,cultural tourism and other key industries leading role ,accelerate the cultural industry cluster development ,the construction of a number of cultural industry park .
Perfect give aid to policy ,expand market access ,foster leading cultural enterprises and strategic investors ,the construction of a number of distinct features ,competitive culture of enterprise and group .
Strengthen cultural construction of industrial projects ,improve industry of our city culture .Improve the cultural products and cultural elements of the market, perfect the modern cultural market system .
Exploration and establishment of cultural industry investment and financing center ,strengthening cultural industry investment .Six ,increase reform strength ,enhance economic and social development activities in accordance with the central ,provincial Party committee deploy ,increase reform strength further ,actively promote the reform of key areas and key links ,and speed up the formation of energetic ,highly efficient, more open and conducive to scientific development ,system mechanism .
20 ,deepening the reform of administrative management system .Function of further change government ,deepen the reform of administrative approval system ,improve the examination and approval efficiency and concentration ,promote departure of politics look forward to ,reduce government intervention to microcosmic economy activity ,accelerate the construction of legal government and service government .
Continue to optimize the structure and functions of government responsibility ,perfect and scientific decision-making ,democratic decision-making ,lawfully decision-making mechanism ,advance government affairs to make public, strengthen the administrative accountability system, improve the credibility of the government .
The establishment of public authority coordination and balance mechanism ,straighten out the responsibilities of departments, perfecting the administrative power of the sun to run a mechanism ,strengthen the public resources transaction service center construction .
Deepen the reform of the financial system ,strengthen exchequer construction, optimize the expenditure structure ,build perfect and the transformation of economic development mode which is adapted to the system of public finance .
Deepen cast financing system reform ,build diversity, commercialize cast financing system .Actively and steadily push forward the science and technology ,education ,culture ,health ,sports and other undertakings classified reform .
Nurture and management according to law and social organization ,support ,guide them to participate in social management and services .Reform of basic public service providing method, introducing competition mechanism ,to expand its purchases of services ,provide the main body and provides diversity .
Promoting the basic public service marketization reform ,enhanced multi-level supply capacity ,to meet the diverse needs of .21 ,deepen the reform of ownership structure .Continue to deepen
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If the reason for hair loss is genetic it is pretty difficult to rectify it. But its influence can be decreased and delayed. Albeit the hair seems to be decreased, a lot of its roots are living and are able to produce hair once again.

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The legend of martial arts and ESPN signed agreement for the aud

Source: sina sports 2012-01-31 13:39 said to me (0) copy link key words: The Legend of martial arts fighting [Abstract] The Legend of martial arts announced today,jordan pas cher, and ESPN signed exclusive distribution and network protocol, ESPN will become the legend of martial arts all programs in Asia, ocean of sina sports dispatch.
The legend of Martial Arts (Legend Fighting Championship) announced today, and ESPNInternational (ESPN) signed exclusive distribution and network protocol.According to the terms of the agreement, ESPN will become the legend of martial arts all programs in Asia, Oceania, India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
The exclusive distribution agency.
The legend of martial arts co-founder and managing director Chris Pollak said: “ since the legend of martial arts in 2010 January the first race began, has been for the Asia-Pacific region's top MMA event,maillot de foot, TV viewers more rising.
The agreement with ESPN will significantly advance our fighting event broadcast, we look forward to the cooperation with ESPN.”
The legend of Martial Arts Tournament broadcast throughout the ten Asia-Pacific and North American countries, ESPN protocol will put the legend of Martial Arts Tournament broadcast further expansion of the market.
The programs of ESPN vice president Mike Walter said: “ the legend of martial arts fighting tournament with integrated the Asia-Pacific region the most excellent player and a high level of program production,maillot de foot pas cher, we are able to join them in their worldwide to expand the audience very excited.

Martial arts legend
The legend of martial arts to the Asia-Pacific region occupation (Mixed Martial Arts) mixed martial arts competition.Martial arts legend invite Asia-Pacific occupation MMA athletes compete for awards, participants may choose different schools of martial arts, Chinese Wushu Sanda Competition,doudoune moncler pas cher, for example, Brazil jujitsu,air jordan, Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling.
The legend of martial arts has strict rules of the game and will be closely monitored events, in order to protect the player's safety.The legend of martial arts has been committed to the promotion of Asian integrated combat sports,louboutin pas cher, support and nurture local athletes,doudoune moncler, as well as the majority of the audience entertainment.
The legend of martial arts is headquartered in Hongkong, by Chernin Group and Diamond Ridge Venture investment CA Media fully supports.
ESPN International
ESPN International ESPN division, responsible for the United States 46 other television network owns the rights to all or part of the.
ESPN access to all seven continents,louboutin, more than 200 countries and regions of the sports fans.ESPN International business including television, radio, print, Internet, broadband, wireless communications, consumer products and event management.
The company and its holding company in the world's main venue offices or manufacturing facilities, including Bangalore, Beijing, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Hongkong, London, Mexico City, Miami, Montpelier, Mumbai, Paris, St Paul, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney and Toronto.
Since 1983, ESPN (1979 in the United States of America was established by Con Nedigsbristol) business has been developed in the world, set to become the world's leading sports brand.ESPN International global business philosophy is to provide enthusiastic and devoted sports fans to bring their local concerns sports programs and products.
American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has a 80% stake in ESPN,hogan, is the Walt Disney Company of indirect Affiliated Companies.TheHearst Corporation ESPN has a 20% stake in.The Walt Disney Company along with its Affiliated Companies and the Associate Companies,louboutin pas cher, is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise,air jordan pas cher, four business scope includes: media networks,air jordan, parks and resorts, entertainment and consumer electronic products.
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If the reason for hair loss is genetic it is pretty difficult to rectify it. But its influence can be decreased and delayed. Albeit the hair seems to be decreased, a lot of its roots are living and are able to produce hair once again.

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Tibet Lhasa County, the area of a magnitude four earthquake occu

Authors: Liu Junwu source: chinanews.com updated: 2008-10-11 according to the Tibet earthquake measuring eleven five Eighteen: four eight in the morning,air jordan pas cher, the Ali area in Tibet County,louboutin pas cher, Lhasa County, Lhasa earthquake of magnitude four,air jordan, obviously felt.
today at five eighteen in the morning,hogan, reporter in the quake continued after a few seconds,christian louboutin pas cher, call the Seismological Bureau of Tibet autonomous region query, this bureau director Zhu Quan confirmed,louboutin pas cher, Damxung County original epicenter (ninety point four degrees east longitude, latitude twenty-nine point eight degrees N) occurred four magnitude aftershock,louboutin, Lhasa slightly felt.
Zhu Quan say,air jordan, four eight,maillot de foot pas cher, Ali of Tibet and Zhongba County,air jordan, four earthquake,jordan pas cher, the earthquake and the Zhongba earthquake has not the same epicenter.It is reported, this bureau already in the first time to the two earthquake,outlet hogan, aftershock report of the government of the Tibet autonomous region earthquake relief headquarters.
Editor: Yang on a comprehensive news: Urumqi yesterday held international anti-terrorism technology and equipment exhibition a comprehensive news: Kuwait aid of "Muslim folk village" in Yinchuan's recommended
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If the reason for hair loss is genetic it is pretty difficult to rectify it. But its influence can be decreased and delayed. Albeit the hair seems to be decreased, a lot of its roots are living and are able to produce hair once again.

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Money licensing agency house appoint begin visit

Authors: Liu Huizi sources: the original update: 2011-12-12 money archway 4 sewer problem need to immediately repair, elderly home health to arrange the volunteers to clean, sanitary dead corner today must be clean, can not affect the surrounding residents.
.. Community mass job is the basis of the important work of community content,air jordan, in the "great visit" in practice,air jordan pas cher, district money brand community firmly grasp the "people first" the key,maillot de foot pas cher, "visited" go fine, go,hogan, by residents praise.
money arches 4 Building 2 unit 3 floor of the family a few months ago because of the blockage of the sewer,louboutin pas cher, caused the residents home downstairs toilet channel clogging sewage crosscurrent, May 3,air jordan pas cher, the family lived for years in the field,air jordan, problems to solve, had become the major problem between neighborhood quarrels.
Community Juwei staff in the course of visiting the understanding of this condition, on one hand with the police positive coordinate the whole building seven households, with contributive solve congestion problems,louboutin, on the other hand try various devices to and in the field of 3 residents after contact, in one working day to resolve the problem of pipeline dredge.
interview,christian louboutin pas cher, money licensing agency house appoint the director tells a reporter, since September this year, she has visited more than 50 households, as long as the people have difficulties,outlet hogan, they always try to multilateral coordination help to solve practical problems.
"Looks like a pile of small things trifles, but related to each one of the residents living, this is important."Director Cheng said,maillot de foot, great visit activity for the grass-roots workers is no termination period,air jordan, must walk.
Editor: Jiang Shihui a Anqing news: money brand community is Anqing city's first "operator" house of Anqing: Anqing Evening News Community 11 station money brand community recommended news news
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If the reason for hair loss is genetic it is pretty difficult to rectify it. But its influence can be decreased and delayed. Albeit the hair seems to be decreased, a lot of its roots are living and are able to produce hair once again.

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